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Moving can be stressful, and we can help. With “a million things on your mind” you may be feeling a little anxious when moving or relocating to a new neighborhood. That is why we have prepared this Moving Help Site Online to help you prepare to make the move.

To help minimize moving anxiety and help make moving efficient we have put together a list of moving issues in the form of a moving guide with answers to specific moving queries. If there is something that requires further information, please contact one of our professional mover sales representative, they are there to help guide you with your moving adventure.

Tips on the best time to contact a mover

At USA Movers, we specialize in last minute moves. Contact us for additional information and guidance if you need help with a sudden and unexpected relocation.

Online Moving Help and Guidance when items need to be packed

At USA Movers we understand that you may need materials to help with your move. Please ask your sales representative for help with a price list and other moving tips and suggestions.

Guide to doing your own packing

Yes, you can if you wish pack your own items. If you need any supplies we do offer free box deliveries. Speak to your sales representative for more information.

Click here for packing tips and suggestions, and packing supplies please click here

Tips on what to do about your antique items

At USA Movers we understand that you may have special items that need extra attention. For this very reason we have modern moving equipment and team leaders to assist in these special circumstances.

Moving Guide to Specialized Services

USA Movers Drivers

  • Trained to handle your relocation, from pick up to delivery.
  • Extensive experience in the handling and transportation of specialized property.
  • Extensive knowledge in a large variety of moves, such as Piano relocation and fine art.

Guide to the USA Movers Foremen

  • Coordinate with drivers to ensure that all shipments arrive on-time and in good condition.
  • Coordinate with the people at each point of the move to ensure that the loading and unloading go smoothly.
  • Coordinate with drivers to ensure that the utmost care is taken whilst transporting merchandise to and from the locations.
  • Our foreman are ready to handle any problem that may arise.

Guide to the USA Movers movers

  • Fully trained to assist with many types of moves and relocation and other specialized requirements that may be necessary.
  • Fully trained for using the appropriate packing equipment for the specific moving job at hand.
  • Easily recognizable by their USA Movers uniforms.
  • Courteous and polite.

Guide to USA Movers Equipment

  • We use State-of-the-art Tractors trucks and Trailers.
  • Air-ride vans with a suspension system that guarantees safe transport.
  • Power lift gates.
  • Wide doors, also located on the side, for heavy and large piece.
  • Climate controlled trucks, (& storage facility, if needed), to maintain specific temperature and humidity levels inside the van to protect sensitive cargo.

Moving Guide to Other Service

  • Specialized packing materials and service.
  • Climate controlled warehousing available.
  • Component consolidation.
  • Uncrating, assembly, and debris removal.

Whether you're moving high-value electronics, sensitive computer equipment or delicate works of art, USA Movers relocation and moving services have the transportation capabilities you need. Our climate-controlled fleet is specially equipped to control and continuously monitor the climate inside the van. Other features of this service are listed below.

Guide to Climate Control Features

  • Specific temperature and humidity levels can be set.
  • Periodically throughout the trip, the on-board computer system measures and records these temperature and humidity levels.
  • A record of these climate readings is available to you when your shipment arrives, so you can verify that the proper environment has existed en route.

Knowing the real cost of moving

The cost of the move depends on the type of move you require.

1: Local moves are priced according to an hourly rate. The cost will be determinated according to manpower multiplied by the duration of the job.

2: For an interstate move, your charges are based on the amount of household goods you wish to ship cross-country. At the time of your estimate, your sales representative will be happy to explain the itemized charges on your estimate. If you need information relating to packing, crating, uncrating and coverage, please contact your sales person for more information and guidance on moving charges.

Moving help, getting an estimate, and our moving checklist

Please use the Request a Quote Form to help estimate the cost of your move.

To receive an estimate, fill out the on-line form and your sales representative will contact you to set up an appointment for a free on-site or if you prefer an estimate via e-mail or by phone.

Your sales representative usually sets, when you have scheduled a local move, the time frame. They check that the time you prefer is free, if not they will arrange another time that suits you.

"Window" on long distance moving

When your move is first booked, it is difficult to estimate exactly when the driver will arrive at your home. We will give you a range of 3-4 days during which the driver will arrive. You will receive notification 48 hours in advance of the day that the driver will arrive at your home to load your belongings.

Help with your questions during the transport phase of your move.

Once your goods have been picked up, the first contact department is the Dispatch department, and secondly, the sales person who helped plan your move. Your sales person should have given you the name and telephone number of a contact person in that department.

At any time during your move you can always contact USA Movers at 1-800-989-6900 or you may also check on the status of your shipment online through our Tracking System

Delivery dates and the arrival of your belongings guide

Before your belongings are loaded on the truck, you and your sales representative should have agreed on a delivery date.

In reference to long distance moves, you will receive notification of delivery 48 hours prior to delivery. You, or someone you have designated on your NY Movers Movers paperwork to take your place, must be present to accept delivery and pay all charges. In the event that no one is available, your shipment could be placed in storage at an additional charge. Be sure that you give your sales representative contact numbers where you can be reached throughout the move.

Guide to binding and non-binding estimates

A non-binding estimate requires you to pay based on the actual items you requested us to move and the actual services performed. There is no limit.

A binding estimate is a price that has been given to you based on your information that is guaranteed by your sales person not to exceed 10% of the price given. That is unless additional services are performed that are not specifically listed on your paperwork. You must complete additional paperwork for any items to be added to your shipment or to have additional services provided.

Guide to extra charges when moving

If you have not included areas such as, an attic, crawl space or storage shed in your initial conversation then these items are considered extras.

Often these storage areas are forgotten when working up an estimate and remembered only when it is time to load the truck. The cost of moving these additional items would have to be added to the estimate. To avoid this situation, be sure you have highlighted all of these areas to your sales representative at the time of the estimate.

Click Request a Quote for a free online quote.

Guide to extra charges when moving into or out of a multilevel building

If you live on the second or third floor of a building, the foreman may have to charge for "stair carries” on long distance moves. However, on local moves this is included in your hourly rate. Your sales representative will let you know if the situation at your current home will require these charges. Since your sales representative does not visit your new home, you will have to let him or her know about the layout there.

Tips on when the moving truck and movers can’t park up close to the house

As a customer it is advised that you highlight any parking regulations and restrictions to your sales representative when discussing the estimate. If we are not able to park the truck close to an entrance to your home, you may be charged for a "long carry". Often tree branches grow low over roadways not allowing for the height of a truck.

Narrow streets and driveways can restrict accessibility to your home, making it necessary for the driver and helpers to carry your belongings a longer-than-normal distance. If the distance from your home to the truck is too great for the driver and helpers to carry your belongings, we may need to load your belongings on a smaller "shuttle" truck before placing them on the actual moving van. Use of a shuttle truck is also an additional charge. On local moves shuttle truck on pick up are free of charge.

Document requirements when making a move

There will be a number of documents that you will be handed. They are as outlined.

Your driver will present you with the Order for Service Bill of Lading

Order for Service: The mover will prepare an order for service which you and the mover must sign before the shipment is picked up. This document must contain the following information:

1: The shippers name, address and telephone number

2: Consignee’s name, address and telephone number

3: The name address and phone numbers of the carrier

4: Agreed pick and delivery time

5: A complete description of the special services offered

6: An order number or job reference number

7: The amount of probable cost and the method of payment of the total charges

8: Maximum amount to be paid in Cash, Certified check, or money order to relinquish possession of a C.O.D, (Cash on Delivery) shipment.

10: The shipper requests notification of charges and the address at which such communication will be received.

Bill of lading (paperwork)

The mover will issue you with a bill of lading at time of pick up. This document is a receipt of your goods and represents a contract between you and your mover. The type of service you require will determine the bill of lading. For example, a local move is an hourly rated service and Long Distance is an estimated cost, based on your total inventory list that has been supplied to your movers etc. Your moving company will explain the contract in further detail.

Inventory List (paperwork)

Your selected moving company will document your household goods upon pick up and also at the delivery destination during unloading. This document will also record the condition of your household goods upon pick up.

If any damages are incurred they need to be addressed immediately to the Moving companies Customer Service Department, with a written letter explaining the damages or any other grievances you may have.

If any additional services are necessary, the driver, with your signature must also complete the Additional Services Performed Origin/Destination Service and Delivery Report

Help with what payment options are available

Most moves require payment upon delivery by cash, or postal money order. Other payment options such as credit card and purchase orders may be pre-arranged. However these options need to be discussed with your sales representative to select the one that works best for you.

In the event that your employer is paying for the move, the employer may pre-arrange to be billed via invoice. In other words a purchase order. Whatever payment option best meets your needs, be sure that all the arrangements are made before your belongings are packed and loaded.

Guide to extra coverage and what it covers during your move

(a) What if something is damaged while it is being shipped?

Keep in mind that you are moving Long Distance and occasionally, some minor damage occurs during shipping. We have several options to protect your belongings. Review the coverage plans with your sales representative to select the plan that best fits your needs. A valuation of $0.60 cents per pound per article is provided at no charge, but we recommend that a higher valuation be declared to adequately cover your belongings in the event of damage. As an example, suppose your new television purchased for $500, weighing 50 pounds, is damaged beyond repair. Minimum coverage of 60 cents per pound per article would entitle you to $30. USA Movers does offer additional protection plans with Bakers International Insurance that will adequately fit your needs. Ask your sales representative about Value Protection and Extra Care Protection.

(b) What is Value Protection?

Value Protection (DVP) provides for reimbursement for any lost or destroyed item at its depreciated value, up to the dollar amount you declare as the total value of your possessions. Minimum valuation under this plan is .25 times the weight of the shipment. Here, if your belongings were damaged beyond repair, you would receive actual cash (depreciated) value for each item, up to the total amount declared as the value of your shipment.

(c) What is Extra Care Protection?

Extra Care Protection (ECP), in the U.S., provides for the full cost of repair, or the full cost of replacement of any household item that may be damaged or lost during your move, up to the amount that you declare to be the total value of your belongings. Replacement, if necessary, is at today’s prices, not at depreciated cost. This full replacement protection includes many matched sets and pairs, such as candlesticks, lamps and chairs. Please ask your sales representative about Bakers International Insurance.

(d) Important Notes to consider.

You may check your homeowner's insurance. Some policies cover property in transit.

Consider purchasing short-term insurance that covers the move if your property is very valuable.
Unlike most property insurance, valuation does not automatically pay for any damage. It must be clearly shown that the mover was responsible for the damage.

Items in boxes not packed by the mover are not covered, unless the outside of the carton provides clear evidence that the entire box was damaged during the move.

The mover is responsible for any electronic item that does not function after the move only if there is clear evidence that the item was dropped or mishandled during the move.

The customer has nine months after the move to file an initial claim against the mover. The mover is legally obligated to acknowledge any claim within 30 days and to resolve it or offer a settlement within 120 days. The customer is legally responsible to pay for the move, even when claiming extensive damages. The customer must go through the claims process to receive compensation for any damages.

If a settlement cannot be reached, the customer either can sue the mover or seek arbitration.

Storage guide and the type of storage available to help with the move

At USA Movers moving and storage we offer short and long term storage options. Please click on Moving and Storage for more storage help.

Moving guide to appliances, and what to do with them in preparation for the move

Appliances such as washers, dryers and refrigerators must be disconnected, and the washer must have a stabilizer installed. Again, your sales representative can refer you to an appropriate professional to perform these services.

Tips and help with protecting your upholstered furniture

USA Movers use a special moving quilts. They are heavy, wraps that protect your furniture from being soiled. Click on packing tips and suggestions for more moving and packing tips and guides.

(b) Can I pack anything in the drawers of my dresser or desk?

It is advised that all loose items must be packed in boxes to prevent damage during transport.

(c) Can my valuables and personal documents go with the moving truck?

It is strongly advised that you keep your valuables and personal paperwork with you at all times during the moving process.

(d) What should I do to prepare to move my waterbed?

Waterbeds need to be drained completely. Fiber-filled waterbeds need to be professionally vacuum-drained in advance of your move date. Your sales representative can refer you to a professional to perform these services.

Guide to what you should keep with you rather than loading on the truck

Please be sure to carry enough clothing, medications, toiletries, etc. to last from the load date until the last day of the delivery window. We do suggest that you keep small valuables such as jewelry and family photographs and videos with you during the move.

There are several household items that are considered hazardous materials and cannot be moved with your other belongings.

These include aerosols, gas cans, paints, varnish, corrosives, batteries, matches, nail polish and remover, ammunition, explosives, cleaning fluids and detergents. Please consult your sales representative for guidance and tips if you think you have anything else that may not be safe to transport on the truck.

Guide and Tips on what to do about plants and pets

Plants & pets, for obvious reasons, can’t be loaded on the truck.

Help with the moving and transport of your vehicle

(a) Can I transport my car?

It is possible to transport your car, please consult your sales representative for guidance and tips.

(b) Does USA Movers provide motorcycle transportation?

There are occasions that we do offer uncrated motorcycle transportation. Please consult your sales representative for more guidance and tips.

Guide to the "Do’s and Don'ts" of moving

We at USA Movers Moving recognize ourselves as reputable businessmen and therefore recommend the following do’s and don’ts:

Please read carefully.

  • Always make sure that you have a written agreement between you and the mover for the service and billing of lading.
  • Always make sure that the physical inventory record of your household goods is accurate as to the number of items, condition of furniture etc.
  • Make sure to understand the coverage that has been allocated to your particular move.
  • Allow enough adequate time to schedule your move and also for your delivery.
  • Make sure to provide all the necessary contact numbers and or addresses where you can be reached en route, or at destination or both.
  • Ensure that everything has been removed from your premises and that everything has been documented on the inventory list.
  • File a claim if you determine that your shipment has sustained loss or damage.


  • Believe any estimate or statement of probable cost given by an estimator, except a written confirmation letter.
  • Expect the mover to provide boxes, cartons or other packing materials free of charge.
  • Expect the mover to provide any clean-up services, disconnection and reinstallation of appliances, fixtures free of charge.
  • Leave your old residence until the moving company leaves unless a friend, neighbor is available to act on your behalf.
  • Fail to make arrangements to have in cash, or postal money order, the maximum amount shown on the order for service unless credit has been arranged for in advance.
  • Sign any receipt for your household goods until you are certain that they are all delivered and there has been no apparent damage that has been not been noted on the shipping papers.

Moving Tips - Moving Guide - Mover Checklist

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